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Harsh Top Fuel Motorcycle

First twin cylinder in the fives

The Executive Team

Jaska Salakari

+358 400 468307

Heikki J Salminen


Jouni Salakari

Our experts

Mika Isosomppi

(Top Data Analyst Engineer) 

Elmeri Salakari

(Our No. 1 TFM Driver)


Custom engines

+2000 Horsepower

Top Fuel Twins

Drag race

Ultimate Performance

Powerful insights

Now Available in the U.S.

Experience the intensity and precision of our top-tier motorcycles, proudly crafted by Fuel Express Oy Ltd. We stand as the creators of the world’s most powerful and quickest twin-cylinder motorcycles, setting new benchmarks in speed and performance.

  • Speed
  • World’s most powerful engine
  • Performance
  • Benchmarks

Powerful insights

Official Dealers and collaborators for FuelTech

As industry leaders, we are not only passionate about building exceptional machines but also about providing you with the tools you need to enhance your riding experience. As the official dealers for FuelTech, we bring you the latest in advanced technology to amplify your motorcycle’s performance. In collaboration with FuelTech, we have developed the revolutionary dual fuel system being made available for all Top Fuel engines in the near future.

  • FuelTech
  • Racepak

Our Services

Empowering Your Ride with Unmatched Performance and Precision. Experience the Power, Embrace the Thrill!

Race Machines

Experience the thrill of riding a personalized masterpiece. Our expert team designs and builds racing motorcycles that reflect your unique style and preferences, combining power and innovation for an exceptional ride, versatile design options.

Racing Engines

Elevate your performance with precision-crafted racing engines. Our engines are tailored to exceed your expectations, setting new standards for speed and reliability.

Tech Consultancy

Tap into our industry-leading expertise to enhance your riding experience. Our technical consultants offer insights, guidance, and innovation to optimize your motorcycle’s performance and stay at the forefront of advancements.


Latest news

04 September 2023

16 August 2023

A Dossier on Fuel Express Harsh V28 engine technology is being presented by Lan Bamsey in the nr.148 issue of RET (Race Engine Technology), coming out August 28, 2023.

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